Sandra Cruz
Slipped Disc Herniation
"Surgery went very well, I did not need any pain killer or anything of the sort. My life improved dramatically." Click to watch video
Judit Baguena
Acoustic Neuroma
"In fariness I feel that I have to encourage people suffering from this condition to have surgery because it is trully worth it." Click to watch video.
Pere Calbet
Microvascular Decompression (Trigeminal Neuralgia)
"I am very happy with the results. I am now able to live my life pain free without taking any medicaments. Thank you!" Click to watch video.
Marcos Martí
Craniopharyngioma (Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery)
"He is a specialist who really is noteworthy for two very important attributes: professional and human." Click to watch video.
Gemma Borrás
Cavernous Hemangioma
"I am most grateful to Dr. Oliver and his team for their dedication and words of encouragement at timed of need." Click to watch video.
Margarita Pujol
Microvascular Decompression
"After having been operated by Dr. Oliver my life finally changed, as finally with this operation I was able to kiss the pain goodbye." Click to watch video.
M. Paz Cabello
Epidermoid Tumour of the Skull Base
"Rest assured that if you put yourself in the hands of Dr. Oliver, everything will be fine." Click to watch video.
Emilia Atienza
"The intervention wan not at all traumatic and the outcome has been very positive. I feel very well." Click to watch video.
Arantxa Puig
Acoustic Neuroma
"Thank you very much to Dr. Oliver and his team for the encouragement and excellent performance and care." Click to watch video.
Alexandra Tokareba
Epilepsy Surgery
Click here to watch video
Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine
Click here to watch video
Pavel Ushakov
Motion Preservation Spinal Surgery
Click here to watch video
Igor Golovchenko
Brain Tumour
"I have found Barcelona Neuroinstitute conscientious, effective and careful." Click to watch video.
Epilepsy Surgery
"Excellent treatment and services. Thank you." Click to watch video.
Sasha's Mother
Brain Tumor
"The doctor explained to me everything very correctly and professionally, while giving me many details of the procedure." Click to watch video.
Rosa Meyuy
Cordoma del Clivus
En nombre de mi esposa Rosa y en el mío propio, no quisiéramos irnos con el alta médica del Centro Médico Teknon, sin antes agradecerle lo mucho, certero y bien que ha hecho por mi esposa.
Maria Brull
Artificial Disc Replacement
Per al Dr. Oliver, com es un home de mar, desitjo que li agradi i pugui gaudir de bones vacances al seu poble.
Manuel García
Artificial Disc Replacement
Mis más sinceras felicitaciones por solucionar un problema tan discapacitante.
Diego Marín
Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery
Es mi deseo y el de toda mi familia transmitirle nuestro agradecimiento...
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