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Barcelona Neuroinstitute | Computerized Tomography on Spine Surgery
Dr. Oliver  |   03/02/2014

Computerized Tomography on Spine Surgery
The incorporation of the CAT (computed axial tomography) led to a major advance in the treatment of spinal conditions
The classic treatment of much of the column conditions or degenerative arthrosis has been frequently column fixation with screws and plates, known as arthrodesis.

Sometimes it is an invasive procedure not without risks and complications, although current techniques available to us (see news intraoperative CT) have reduced their incidence. The main drawback of these techniques is that they limit the mobility of the spine restricting their mobility and increasing the risk of early degeneration of adjacent unfixed levels, which have to bear a greater load.

To avoid these limitations, the medical industry has developed the use of disc prosthesis for the lumbar and cervical spine. Its major advantage: minimizing the degeneration of adjacent discs while maintaining a physiological function of the treated disc segment.

Our group has extensive experience with this type of surgery, which we have been performing for years with very satisfactory results.

We always consider this procedure as an excelent alternative before deciding on any fixation of lumbar or cervical spine.
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