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Barcelona Neuroinstitute | New PET Scanning Technique Shows Epilepsy Treatment Benefits
Dr. Oliver  |   18/09/2014

New PET Scanning Technique Shows Epilepsy Treatment Benefits
A new approach to positron emission tomography (PET) scanning has been shown to offer potential benefits in epilepsy surgery planning.
The collaborative study between researchers in the UK and India aimed to evaluate the clinical utility of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET (FDG PET), a technique that involves using a radiopharmaceutical agent to improve imaging results from scans.

A total of 194 consecutive patients with drug-resistant epilepsy were involved in the trial, with FDG PET scans administered in addition to standard MRI techniques.

FDG PET scans were shown to help decision-making in 53 per cent of presurgical patients with normal or discordant MRI, leading directly to surgery in six per cent of cases. It also helped in planning intracranial EEG in 35 per cent of patients and excluded 12 per cent of people from further evaluation.

The findings will help to refine techniques involved in carrying out PET scans, a versatile and useful imaging tool with potential applications in cancer and cardiology applications, as well as the numerous neuroimaging-based uses.
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